Premier Mussel Academy 2015

Organic Mussels, Mussel cultivation: Profitable for planet and people, Mussels and the brain, and ‘the New Mussel World’ are just a few examples of the subjects discussed during the interesting lectures at the Premier Mussel Academy. On Tuesday, 23 June 2015, leading scientists, foodies and trend watchers will provide an update on current topics and trends in the seafood industry.

Guests speakers

Arjan Gittenberger Dr Arjan Gittenberger, director of GiMaRIS and lecturer at Leiden University, has agreed to provide a lecture on moving shellfish from their original habitat to other locations and on the local food trend.

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Pascale Naessens outlines the present-day issues regarding food in a broader context. How has our diet evolved through the ages? What does our diet look like now? The food produced today contains many fast, refined carbohydrates.

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